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  • your partner guards/hides their cell phone and never leaves it laying around unattended
  • your associate conceals charge card statements or alternative invoices
  • your spouse runs chores that appear to take considerably more than they need to
  • your spouse seems very enthusiastic about getting in shape
  • Folks suddenly get quiet when you put in the area
  • your partner takes additional showers, such as instantly after getting home from work or errands
  • your spouse seems to deliberately pick fights with you
  • you discover that your partner missed a day of work when s/he was supposedly operating
  • your existing condom supply decreases faster than you can take into account
  • your spouse climaxes less frequently than usual throughout sex
  • your companion.

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    Informacja dla Wnioskodawców zadań w ramach projektów grantowych

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    Dotacje dla małopolskich przedsiębiorców

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    Ogłoszenia o naborze wniosków na zadania w ramach projektów grantowych 1/2018/G, 2/2018/G, 3/2018/G

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    Małopolska Sieć NGO – Szkolenie dla organizacji pozarządowych

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    Informacja dla NGO – FIO 2018 oraz szkolenie z zakresu EFS

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    Zmiana przepisów dotyczących konkurencyjnego trybu wyboru wykonawców